When a person is born with intellectual and physical disabilities - as our residents at Selwyn Segal are - pushing themselves beyond their recent accomplishments to set ever-new records of achievement, becomes a daily reality. Their successes, although tiny, are inspiring and humbling and that’s why the concept behind Selwyn Segal’s Club36ONE annual raffle fundraiser is so appropriate. 360° is a perfect circle. R361 - the cost of each raffle ticket - is just that tiny degree more! It’s all about pushing the boundaries, even R1 at a time.

The raffle offers three cash prizes to the value of R63,000. Based upon the huge success of previous years, Selwyn Segal has once again decided to use the raffle profits to provide our residents with a great December holiday - fun outings, entertainment and exciting activities that are not covered in our annual budget. Please purchase tickets by filling in the below entry form. The draw will take place on 12 December 2019 and winners will be contacted.

Selwyn Segal is extremely grateful to 36ONE Asset Management for once again sponsoring this raffle, and also very appreciative to the community for your ever-generous support.

Warm regards

Saul Tomson

Chief Executive Officer
Chevrah Kadisha Group

Mike Baum

Selwyn Segal Co-ordinator

For further info email campaigns@jhbchev.co.za

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